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Do you ever feel like you've been dealt a bad vehicle with your body?

Do you live each day feeling sub-par?

Are you tired of going to specialists and never feeling any better?

You are not alone.

Having been diagnosed with celiac disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis at a young age, Emily understands your health journey.

Your symptoms are not your fault. Your symptoms are not just in your head. They're real. 

Here's the good news. Diet and lifestyle changes helped Emily and she wants to help you too.

Emily helps people with chronic inflammatory conditions such as digestive disorders and autoimmune conditions. 

Are you ready to feel like a functioning human again?

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Lucky to have you as my nutritionist

"...grateful to you for the valuable information you gave me regarding my health and lifestyle issues.  And thank you for your summary of the main points that you addressed. I’m indeed lucky to have you as my nutritionist." - Paul B.

Emily has made it possible for me 

"Emily has made it possible for me to make progress on overcoming one of the biggest challenges in my life." - Kathy M.

Perfect combo of expertise and compassion

"Emily embodies that perfect combo of expertise and compassion that drives successful health outcomes. I couldn't recommend her more highly." - Tess B.

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