Can You Count To 9?

Do any of you struggle to eat vegetables? Is it the taste, the texture or the amount? Everyone has food preferences. Some of you may prefer raw produce, cooked fruits and vegetables or mixing produce in soups or smoothies. Find your preference and embrace it. This will help you meet your daily goals.

How do I meet my daily goal?

I like to start my day with a smoothie or soup. This way I can load up on vegetables in the morning. It helps with digestion and gives me a boost of vitamins and minerals. It might be placebo effect but I feel more energized and productive on soup and smoothie days. (3 servings)

The foundation of all snacks is vegetables. My favorite is a radish. Soooo good! If you like a little heat, you will enjoy these root vegetables. I find raw vegetables are easy to consume during the day. (2 servings)

Lunch and dinner are comprised of 50% vegetables. This provides my body with at least 4 servings of vegetables.

Voila! I’ve met my goal and my body thanks me.

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