Got Gas?

Gas can be a sign of healthy digestion. I made the mistake of saying this to a family member many years ago and we’re all suffering the consequences. Ha! But it is true. Occasional gas without odor is a sign of digestion. We want to digest our food and gas and bowel sounds are a good sign. Now, if you’re experiencing excessive flatulence, bloating and smelly toots, it might be time to dig a little deeper. Gas aids might make you feel better but they do not solve the problem. In fact, they are covering up the problem. Excessive gas can be related to supplements, medications, diet choices, constipation or diarrhea, food sensitivities, bacteria overgrowth, or gut infections. There are many root causes. Your gas is unique to you. Ask questions, complete the proper tests and resolve the problem. Do you want to feel comfortable zipping up your pants? Do you want to ease the anxiety around your unreliable bowel movements? This doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence. Let’s get your digestion on the right track and you can be proud that your occasional gas is a sign of healthy digestion and nothing more.

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