How About A Picnic!

One of my favorite childhood memories is having a picnic with my mother. I remember the feel of the woven straw picnic basket and the soft golden plaid of the well-loved picnic blanket. Recently, I took my 2-year-old on his first picnic. Now, he requests a picnic every week. I’m not sure what it so special about a picnic for my son. Maybe it’s genetic? Ha! Do you love a picnic as much as I do?

Picnics can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a good excuse to spend time outside with nature, enjoy each other’s company and eat delicious food. During my single days, it was common for my friends to rendezvous around a picnic table and enjoy each other’s company on a summer night. A live band or movie in the park was often the icing on the cake. I hope you take the time to grab a blanket, a few snacks, and meet your friends at a park or the beach. You don’t even have to leave your house. You can have a picnic on your living room floor. Take some time to break from your routine and relax with a picnic.

Happy International Picnic Day!

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