Your 2 Daily Food Goals

Do you feel you are an expert in probiotics? My last post explained why it is beneficial to incorporate probiotic rich foods in your diet. (If you didn’t catch it, go to and read more!) There is more to a healthy digestive tract than probiotics. The probiotics need fuel to sustain themselves. Humans cannot survive without nourishment. The same holds true for probiotics. The fuel is referred to as PREBIOTICS. The probiotics consume the prebiotics and produce a byproduct that nourishes the cells of the digestive system and guards the digestive system from invaders aka “bad” bacteria. Prebiotics are found in foods that are rich in fiber including avocado, banana, garlic, honey, yogurt, kefir, asparagus, eggplant, jicama, parboiled rice and cooked and cooled potatoes and legumes. The probiotics and prebiotics do not need to be consumed at the same time or within the same meal. I challenge you to 2 daily food goals: Eat one probiotic food source and one prebiotic food source each day.

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