Your 2 New Holiday Traditions

It’s the time of year when family traditions are shared. Some of you may have heard of this tradition. At Christmas time, some families hide an ornamental pickle in the Christmas tree. The purpose is to give children a treasure hunt after opening presents. The lucky child who finds the pickle receives an extra gift and is often given the opportunity to hide the pickle the following year.

A second food-oriented tradition is the gifting of an orange. This go-to stocking stuffer dates back centuries. The source of this tradition is unclear. Some believe it is related to a tale of St. Nicholas dropping gold down the fireplace. Others believe it is a symbol of sharing as each orange can be divided into segments that can be shared amongst friends and family.

It is interesting both of these traditions include foods. The traditions are fun for the whole family but also good for the body. The pickle is a fermented cucumber that boosts gut health, adds a savory flavor to a meal and increases fiber and hydration. The orange is a sweet treat with high vitamin C content and a source of water and fiber.

During this pandemic, it has been evident people are shifting their perspectives and refocusing their attention to home and things that matter. In this spirit, I encourage you to turn to old practices that unite people with good cheer and emphasize good health.

Do you have any food-oriented holiday family traditions?

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