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Menu Planning

If you are ready to make a diet change for your health and need a helping hand, purchase a meal plan tailored to meet your needs. These meals plans are geared towards gut health and autoimmune conditions. Personalized meal plans which consider your dietary needs and food preferences are also available. Contact Emily for more information. 


Accountability Membership

Do you ever feel like you need someone to check in with on a regular basis? This is the membership for you. Each month will include a one-on-one session (30 min) to outline your goals for the month with three weekly accountability emails. Simple. Straightforward. Here to help you meet your health goals. 


Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you have migraines? Have you been diagnosed with IBS? Do you have acid reflux? Have you ever felt like certain foods don't sit well with your body? 

Food sensitivity testing is a good tool to use to identify which foods and chemicals trigger symptoms for you. 

Luxford Nutrition will deliver the test to your door, review results with you and help you implement the necessary dietary changes. Diet intervention is an effective tool in improving health. Let's connect and see if you're a candidate for food sensitivity testing. 

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Speaking Engagements

Book Luxford Nutrition as your next guest speaker. Emily has experience teaching health professionals, students of all ages and members of community groups and non-profit organizations.

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